Adolescente Gay (in English “Gay Teenager”) became a reality in 2009. It was the first blog of a Portuguese teenager that wrote about facing his own sexuality between peers at school, family while he was creating his own opinion about our world. Today, at the age of 25, he keeps on writing and sharing his opinion about daily topics. This is one of the last blogs where the author is not publically known. Anonymously he writes about the daily life of an ordinary boy: he wants an athletic man for boyfriend, professional anguish, movie reviews, political opinions, LGBT activism and confrontation with his family in a country that he loves and that welcomes tourists so well.

This gay teenager writes about his day-to-day life and he knows well how everyday life is different from country to country. The diversity of cultures, opinions and experiences are actually what all of us are made – and this is also the opinion of his sponsors. The gay teenager is the only blog that portrays the real essence of a Portuguese gay. Read the blog and send him an email with your feedback, he will like it!

And as he always says: Kiss and behave badly!! 😉