Dark Club

New Generation of Fetish: The Kinky Fetish Alternative LGBT Adult Playground.

Get in! Get kinky!

Dark Club is a private club where alternative, innovative and liberal parties are held. BDSM and fetish are our stuff.

We focus on living our sexual freedom today, how and the way we want! Our thematic parties change often therefore our member can explore new fetish. Every night is exciting and unique.

You can dance all night or simply to wide new horizons in any of our several private areas – where everything may happen!

In order to promote a suitable atmosphere to our members we recommend to pay attention to the dress code and to follow the rules of every night. Every event has a guest list – which is the only way to access our club.
It is strictly forbidden to take photos or to record any videos. Internal rules are to be followed as well as absolute discretion.

More information: +351 934 968 988
Entrance: Members only.