Médicos do Mundo

Médicos do Mundo (MdM) has as its mission the provision of healthcare to the most vulnerable of populations, both in emergency situations and in combating social exclusion, inside and outside the country.

The pillar of action of the activity of MdM is humanitarian aid and cooperation for the development, provision of general healthcare, as well as the denunciation of social injustices in the public opinion. The motto that governs our actions is “We fight against all diseases, even injustices!” It is the mirror of our interventions.

The Project Porto Escondido has as main goal to contribute to the reduction of HIV transmission, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and viral Hepatitis in vulnerable population – Men who have sex with men, Sex workers, Homeless people, Drug users and Undocumented migrants – in Porto, Vila do Conde and Vila Nova de Gaia.

We provide health care, psychosocial support, HIV, VHB, VHC and Syphilis screening with hospital referral, needles exchange and distribution of consumption material with harm reduction education, distribution of preventive materials and education for preventive sexual practices and health education.

Address: Rua dos Mercadores, nº 140 1º e 3º, 4050-374 Porto
Phones: 939 509 680 / 962 004 075 / 229 039 064
Website: www.medicosdomundo.pt
Facebook: www.facebook.com/medicosdomundo
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