[ENG] More about Porto?

Publicado a 26/03/18

Porto is known by its gastronomy. “Francesinha” is a must, but you should miss Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá or even the famous “Tripas à Moda do Porto” which show us the generosity of the inhabitants of Porto. According to the legend when Henry the Navigator was preparing his ships to conquer Ceuta (in Africa), he asked the people of Porto to donate supplies to stock the Portuguese navy and they did, in such an extent, that all that was left to eat was tripe. However, that did not mean starvation for the people; instead they used imagination to create this amazing recipe, which granted them the nickname of “tripeiros” (tripe eaters). But watch out! All these dishes are not diet-friendly… but who cares? You are on holiday! 🙂 Bom apetite!
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Porto is a vibrant city. A growing number os tourists fall in love with Porto every year. LGBT scene also grows fast. Therefore you might find other and new LGBT friendly places around. Let us know if you suggest any special place!

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In 2017 Porto was considered the BEST EUROPEAN DESTINATION for the third time!
Thousands of worldwide travellers from 174 countries voted for Porto.
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Porto is Culture. The city has a very wide offer which will surprise you! Here are our best suggestions.

Relax and enjoy the gay saunas in Porto. Why not?

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Hairdressers, LGBT rights, NGO’s, HIV tests, whatever you might need you will find it here.