Interactive Museum & Theme Park

Discover the great adventure that changed the world

Can you imagine what it would have been like living aboard a ship in the sixteenth century? Or fight in a battle with more than thirty pounds of armour on top? Or even take a flagship to the other side of the world without any GPS available tool?

Now you will be able to discover how, as a lot of different, unique, interesting histories, at the recently opened WORLD OF DISCOVERIES, Interactive Museum and Theme Park.

Born within the Douro Azul Group, WORLD OF DISCOVERIES is a pioneering project in Portugal, which is set to be a mandatory stop on the tourist routes of Porto and Northern Portugal.

An exclusive combination of an Interactive Museum and a Theme Park that recreates the fantastic odyssey of the Portuguese navigators, crossing oceans to discover a then unknown world.

All contents are available in six languages (PT, EN, ES, FR, IT, DE) and the facility has been designed to accommodate people with special mobility needs; as it has an Educational Section that can organize and adapt specific themes for guided tours.

For the first time in Portugal, as happens with the world renowned “Pirates of the Caribbean”, WORLD OF DISCOVERIES tell stories based on meticulously prepared life-size scenarios that are built in a creative way, inviting the visitor to travel in time.

Visitors are immersed in the remarkable knowledge behind the art of navigation, on a voyage seen from the point of view of the crew, depicting the challenges faced on board, before setting off to discover New Worlds. They set off from Porto, the birthplace of the man who gave “new worlds to the world”, and head southwards passing through Lisbon and then conquering Ceuta. Further ahead they come to the famous Cape of Storms, the home of the monster “Adamastor”. A series of journeys follow, through the Equatorial Forests, India, Timor, China, Macao, Japan and Brazil where textures, odors, mythology and history all merge into one incredible experience.

At WORLD OF DISCOVERIES the multimedia content provides a multi-sensorial experience. Some of the technological features in place are completely unprecedented in Portugal such as the innovative 4D Globes to explore the cartography of the epoch; or the Fog Screens, created using water, which transport the visitors to another dimension.

SPHERA MUNDI SHOP A different kind of shop, where visitors can find articles from the worlds they have just discovered. From the beautiful and picturesque city of Porto, to the remote outposts of Asia.

RESTAURANT WORLD OF FLAVOURS Specialties that tell stories! One of the main attractions of the visit is a culinary journey of discovery, where you can try out the world flavors. Without neglecting Portugal’s own culinary tradition, and adding specialties from Africa, India, China, Japan and Brazil, the WORLD OF DISCOVERIES Restaurant is open to the public on a daily basis.
 Capacity for 150 people.
 Group bookings accepted for Theme Dinners and Events.
For informations and reservations:

Opening time: 

Weekdays: 10.00 am – 6.30 pm (serving until 6.15 pm)
Weekends and public holidays: 10.00 am – 7.30 pm (serving until 7.15 pm)
Closed: 1 January and 25 December

Adult: 14,00€ // 11,00€**
Children (0 to 3 years old): free
Children (4 to 12 years old: 8,00€ // 6,00€**
Senior / Student*: 11,00€ // 9,00€**

Family Discounts* (more information at Front Desk)
*Requires the submission of evidence
** Special price when showing the Porto Gay Circuit Guide

Open every day for lunch (10h00-18h30) and dinner on Fridays and Saturdays (19h30-23h00)
Daily Menu: 9,5€ / person (excludes coffee and dessert)

Address: Rua de Miragaia, 106 – 4050-387 Porto
GPS: 41.143245, -8.620803
Phone: +351 220 439 770



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